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We believe movement is a foundational pillar to a thriving life and we strive to provide an environment that allows every child to fall in love with movement so they build a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Strong Bodies

Strong Bodies

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  • The more we move the more we WANT to move.

  • A well-rounded individual will be more successful long term than someone who specializes at an early age.

  • When we make movement FUN we can encourage movement for LIFE.

  • Every BODY is different and kids must be taught to work at their level to improve.

  • When we have goals to attain we will work harder, smarter, and longer.

  • Movement is NOT punishment. It is part of the path to a JOYFUL life.



In order to help build strong BODIES for today's youth, our team of physical therapists, teachers, and certified trainers worked together to create a leveled system that guides children through a variety of movements and teaches them the necessary skills to become competent at each level. These skills are transferable to sports and other activities and help to guide children to truly THRIVE no matter what movement path they decided to take. 

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