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400 meter SPRINT!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Challenging our bodies forces them to grow.

They teach our brains that we CAN do hard things.

Intentional challenges prepare us for the UNKNOWN challenges.

Challenges help us to do things we didn’t know we could do.


This is why we make challenges a part of our curriculum at Thrive Kids. We want to teach kids that 1. They CAN do hard things, and 2. Challenges are NOTHING to be feared!


Our weekly challenge for this week is a 400m sprint. The goal here is to go as fast as possible for the full 400m and to KEEP MOVING the whole time!

Before beginning make sure to discuss mindset  and how to prepare for when things get hard – come up with a plan on what to do when the lungs are burning and legs are tired! And then execute the plan!



Down and Backs

High Knees

Butt Kicks

High Skips

Side Shuffle

Karaoke (crossover shuffle)

*repeat 2x



Run 400m as fast as possible

Record score and share with @thrivekidsfitness!

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