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Squat Jump Overload!

Updated: May 1, 2020

A little inverted skill work with a little (or a lot!) of squats!

A safe and clear wall space is needed to do this handstand work and a soft floor is also helpful! If this is the first time doing handstand walks then simply place feet up on the wall and don’t worry about walking hands closer.

During this workout you will work for one minute at a time. Start with 10 (or 5) handstand walk-ups and then with the remaining time in the minute do as many squat jumps as possible. Make sure to rest 1 minute between each round!



30 seconds high knees

30 seconds butt kicks

30 seconds mountain climbers

30 seconds donkey kicks

Repeat 2x


Invert and Squat

On a 1 minute clock

5 rounds

10/5 handstand walk ups

Squat jumps with remaining time

*score is number of squat jumps


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