Small Strokes


Done-for-you youth fitness programming for your local gym, school, and community events!

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Programs that prepare for the future

We believe a kids fitness program should be focused on developing a well rounded child which is why our professionally designed program includes leveled movements, personal growth, and team building into all of our classes.
Our programs will include 
-Weekly Mindset Focus with talking point
-Warm up
-Movement Skill Focus

Preschool Programming

Designed for children ages 3-5 in order to help build their confidence, strengthen their core movements, and build a strong foundation for lifelong movement.

Elementary Programming

Designed for children ages 6-10 to help strengthen their movement skills, increase their confidence, and expand their current base of physical and interpersonal skills. 

School and Community Programming

Programming that can be used in before and after school programs as well as in your local community. Designed for minimal equipment and large classes.

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