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We believe a strong mind is essential to a thriving life which is why we incorporate mindset activities into every class session and work to encourage youth to strengthen their bodies as well as their minds.

Strong Minds

Strong Minds

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Join us as we strive to set a strong foundation NOW for our youth so they can THRIVE in the future. Sign up for program updates, community events, and youth activities! 


 At Thrive Kids we have taken 6 key habits identified through the research of Brendon Burchard in his book High Performance Habits and molded them into kid friendly language in order to help youth begin to instill these essential habits into their daily lives.

We believe we can start NOW to make a difference for the FUTURE. 




Being confident means youth are fully aware of who they are and what decisions are best for them at their current stage in life. They recognize the importance of being true to themselves and their personal choices even when they differ from others. They are able to fully embrace the decisions they make in order to lead a happy, healthy life.

Key Character Traits: Self-aware, Empathetic, Kind, Self-reliant, Self-respect




When performing as our best self we are full of energy to accomplish the tasks set before us. Youth who are energetic know what it takes in order to successfully accomplish the important tasks in their day and they also know the steps to help them generate energy. Being energetic means focusing on the most important tasks, releasing stress, finding the joy in everyday moments, and optimizing our health. 

Key Character Traits: Healthy, Rested, Joyful, Intentional, Stress-free, Present 




Motivation is not always something that comes easy for many people but when youth are able to channel their energy and recognize the necessity for their motivation then they are truly able to live out a life with purpose. Motivation is greatly derived from the ability to set goals and then focus efforts in order to accomplish these goals. 

Key Character Traits: Strong Identity, Focused, Purposeful, Recognize Urgency, Self-monitoring, Excellence Driven




Youth who embody the habit of productivity recognize the value of focusing on goals and channeling their choices to help accomplish these goals. They understand that small decisions can lead to big results and they spend their time focusing on what will help them to build a strong foundation of achievement while also understanding the importance of doing things that are important to them. 

Key Character Traits: Focused, Future-minded, Goal-seeking, Aware, Learner, Determined, Grit




Youth who are courageous are willing to take on challenges and embrace they unknown. They don't falter at failure or mistakes but instead use these instances as a chance to grow. Courage allows us to have a feeling of fear but decide to take action for what we believe despite this feeling. When courage is demonstrated it provides the opportunity to speak up for those around us and create a better world.

Key Character Traits: Bold, Confident, Truthful, Resilient, Brave, Grit




A role model has great influence on those around them. They are able to lead a team or group and also able to change the trajectory of a situation. A role model knows the power they have to affect those around them and they use this power in order to build other people up as opposed to tearing them down. 

Key Character TraitsLeader, Kind, Determined, Generous, Others-focused, Inquisitive, Trustworthy

SOURCE: Thrive Kids Habits were largely developed from Brendon Burchard's book, High Performance Habits and his research and experience with personal development. You can find more information at

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