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Olympic Week!

Week 8 of Team Thrive: Summer 2020!


Weekly Prizes

​This week we will choose ONE family to win a gift card to Whits! To be entered in the drawing, follow us on our Facebook page and complete the daily challenges!

We will celebrate OLYMPICS this week as we work to move, grow, and nourish our bodies and minds!

Movement Focus: Running

Mindset Focus: Being a Confident Leader

The activities this week are designed to help guide parents to keep their kids active and connected and we will also be challenging families to participate in a daily Olympic activity for this week!

All videos describing the activities will be posted below and we will work to complete them as a community in our Team Thrive Facebook group! Click here to join us!


Activities for Week 8: Olympic Week!

Materials Needed

  • paper

  • bike

  • writing utensils

  • basketball, volleyball, baseball, or softball

Thrive Olympics Details


In this most recent blog post you will find detailed information about all the daily challenges for the Thrive Olympics as well as information on how to participate in our weekly prize drawing!​

Click here to get the rundown and get started on winning that GOLD!


When we are confident in who we are, the things we like, and what is important to us, then we are better able to build others up in the things that are important to them. As we work to encourage our kids to be leaders, we want to encourage them to be confident in who they are as this allows them to make decisions that are right and good not simply ones that are popular. 

Materials: Paper, writing utensils


This workout is designed to help build your child's endurance for running. And in turn, build their endurance for doing hard things! Throughout this workout they will be alternating between running and resting and increasing the amount of time running each time. In this approach we will be working on running for time, not distance, so simply encourage them to keep moving the whole time! 

Materials: space to run


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