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Animal Week!

Week 7 of Team Thrive: Summer 2020!

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Weekly Schedule

We will celebrate Animals this week as we work to move, grow, and nourish our bodies and minds!

Movement Focus: Lunge

Mindset Focus: Following the Right Leader

The activities this week are designed to help guide parents to keep their kids active and connected!  

All videos describing the activities will be posted below and we will work to complete them as a community in our Team Thrive Facebook group! Click here to join us!

Weekly Prizes

​This week we will choose TWO people to win a $5 gift card to North Main Cafe! To be entered in the drawing, follow us on our Facebook page and complete the daily challenges!


Activities for Week 7: Animal Week

Materials Needed

  • ball 

  • paper

  • writing utensils


A leader is someone who makes the RIGHT choice even when other people are not. Throughout today's activity kids work to come up with the right choices in order to help develop them into a strong leader. The activity involves a fun game of Follow the Leader with a little scavenger hunt mixed in!

Materials: Paper, writing utensils


A little EMOM to get the heart rate up and get moving!

This workout will have the kids working hard for a portion of a minute and the resting for the remainder until they move to the next movement. It is designed to guide them to have fun while working hard!

We will also work on Lunges this week as described in the video!

Materials: ball, cone





Skill Chat

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