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Nature Week!

Week 6 of Team Thrive: Summer 2020!

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Weekly Schedule

We will celebrate Nature this week as we work to move, grow, and nourish our bodies and minds!

Movement Focus: Hinge

Mindset Focus: Seeing the Needs of Others!

The activities this week are designed to help guide parents to keep their kids active and connected!  

All videos describing the activities will be posted below and we will work to complete them as a community in our Team Thrive Facebook group! Click here to join us!

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Group Workout

Join us at the event center Ariel Foundation Park on Thursday at 10am for a Team Thrive Kids workout! Click here for more details and to RSVP! See you there!

Weekly Prizes

​This week we will choose TWO people to win a $5 gift card to Half Baked Cafe! To be entered in the drawing, join our private Team Thrive Facebook group to see how you can earn points to enter the drawing!


Activities for Week 6: Nature Week

  • blindfold

  • 10-20 items from nature

  • something to climb over

  • 10 flat objects to jump on.

Materials Needed


What is a leader? A leader is someone who sees the needs of others and then works to meet those needs. We want to raise kids who are leaders that are able to look outside themselves and meet the needs of those around them.​

This activity helps kids to practice seeing the others, recognizing their need, and then working to help meet that need!

Materials: Blindfold


This week our movement focus will be working on the "hinge" as the kids practice being an angry gorilla!​ Take some time to have them practice the movement before beginning the workout!

Kids will need to first do a nature hunt for this workout and then use the items they found and move them to the other side!

Materials: 10-20 items from nature, something to climb over, 10 flat objects to jump on.





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