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Rainbow Week

Week 4 of Team Thrive: Summer 2020!

Weekly Schedule

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This week our activities are focused on the rainbow! We will be doing activities with the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) in order to help you move, grow, and nourish your body and mind!


Complete as many activities as you want throughout the week from the list.


All videos describing the activities will be posted below and we will work to complete them as a community in our Team Thrive Facebook group! Click here to join us!

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Join us at the event center Ariel Foundation Park on Thursday at 10am for a Team Thrive Kids workout! Go to the event page for more details and to RSVP! See you there!

Group Workout

Weekly Prizes

​This week we will choose TWO people to win a $5 gift card to Almost Famous Sweets and Sodas! To be entered in the drawing, complete the activities listed below then post on Facebook and tag @thrivekidsfitness! 


Activities for Week 4: Rainbow Week


We are focusing on helping kids to recognize their negative thoughts this week. One way to help stop negative thoughts is to change them from negative to positive. This week's activity helps kids to practice the power of first recognizing our negative thoughts and second changing those thoughts so they can help us move forward to our best self.

Materials: one small strip of paper of each color of the rainbow (ROYGBIV)

  • colored objects (ROYGBIV)

  • strips of colored paper (ROYGBIV)

  • varied fruits and vegetables

  • basket

Materials Needed


The workout for this week will focus on the squat movement. The squat is a baseline movement that is essential in our journey to help our kids move well! Throughout this workout kids will move a variety of rainbow colored objects in a few different ways as they practice squatting, shuffling, and bear crawling. 

Materials: one small item of each color of the rainbow (ROYGBIV)


This week's nutrition class focuses on eating the rainbow and the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables in our diet. Fruits and vegetables give us essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that we need in order to help our bodies thrive. We want our bodies to function optimally and one way to do this is by eating the rainbow!

Materials: fruits and vegetables of varied colors


Have some fun with Coach Brock as you find a variety of items in the color of the rainbow and then play a game with the items that you found! This activity will help you have fun with the different colors and also get you MOVING and active at the same time!

Materials: 1-3 items of each color of rainbow (ROYGBIV), basket

Documents: Scavenger Hunt 1 

Scavenger Hunt 2

Skill Chat

We are learning from Bryan Treen about the bow and arrow this week! He will share with us how to properly use a bow and a few things that you can do at home to get started if you are interested in learning how to complete this fun activity!

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