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Welcome to Week 1 of Team Thrive: Summer 2020!

Here we go - Team Thrive Week 1 has begun! Our theme for this week is KICK-OFF WEEK! We will be reviewing the different components of the program including:

  • weekly workouts and activities

  • mindset activities

  • nutrition and expert chats

  • team challenges

  • rewards and prizes!

Everything you need to know can be found right here and within our private Facebook group, Team Thrive!

Take some time to look around and get familiar with the resources found here and get ready to help your child become MORE active, MORE engaged, and MORE connected this summer!

Weekly Schedule

Copy of Thrive_summerweekly-2.png


  • tape

  • tape measure

  • reusable grocery bag

  • weighted objects (books, bricks, weights)

  • string or rope

  • pair of socks

  • laundry basket

  • chair


Baseline Movements

The movement baseline will help to prepare your child for our summer program! Watch the video, gather materials, and then help your child to do their best! Don't forget to use the Score card to record their progress!

3 to Thrive

The 3 to Thrive is MOVE, GROW, and NOURISH! Everyday you are working to intentionally move your body, grow by doing something hard, and nourish by eating fruits and vegetables!


Welcome from Coach Maribeth who will be working with us this summer on nutrition and helping us to nourish our bodies! This week pay attention to how your food makes you feel!

Skill Chat

This week's expert chat is with Russell Doup, former Ohio State University kicker! He teaches us a few stretches to do before we start and then demonstrates two different types of kicks!


Coach Brock presents 2 different activities that can be done with socks, a basket, and a chair! Work together with as a family or they can also be done individually!

Program Guide

Important Links

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