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Preschool Thrive

Designed for children ages 3-5 in order to help build their confidence, strengthen their core movements, and build a strong foundation for lifelong movement.

Thrive Focus

We believe in building strong bodies AND strong minds. Each session focuses on a specific mindset lesson that will guide children in being intentional in their choices and building a life that inspires others and guides them to be their best self.


They more opportunities we place in front of our children to challenge their physical and mental abilities, the more they will grow. We believe it is essential to challenge children on a regular basis and build their confidence and ability to take on any obstacle that stands in their way.

Blackbelt Movements

Our team of physical therapists created a tiered system of movements that are essential to physical literacy and build a strong foundation of movement so each child will be able to take on any sport or activity they desire with confidence.

Ready Made Programs

Our programs are all encompassing and ready to be used immediately upon purchase. We believe in helping others to spread our mission of building strong, healthy kids.

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