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Thrive Olympics!

We love the Olympics and are bummed we can't spend our days watching it this summer! However, that's not going to stop us from hosting our own virtual Thrive Olympics!

Each day this week will be themed around a certain event at the Olympics. On that particular day we want to encourage you and your family to get out and move your bodies doing something around that day's theme! For example, if it is Track and Field day then get outside and run or throw something like a shot-put or jump over something like a hurdle! Whatever it is, be intentional in taking the time to encourage your family to move their bodies and have fun!

We will also post a daily challenge to complete as a family that is centered around each day's event! By completing the activities, your family has the opportunity to earn an entry into our weekly drawing for a Whit's Frozen Custard gift card!

Here's how you enter:

  1. Complete the daily activity with your family. You can see all the activities listed below or they will be posted daily on our Facebook page!

  2. Take a picture of your family completing the challenge.

  3. Post your picture to social media and tag @thrivekidsfitness OR comment with your picture on the original post!

  4. Hope that your hard work pays off and you win GOLD (aka a Whit's gift card!)!

The Daily Olympic Challenges are as follows:

MONDAY: Track + Field

Each person from your family will run a 400m.

Record how long it took each family member to complete the 400m.

Add all of the times together.

Divide by the amount of people who participated.

The answer is your families score!

Post a picture on social media and tag @thrivekidsfitness!

TUESDAY: Cycling

Go on a bike ride together as a family - scooters or something similar will work if you don't have bike riders!

Record how far you rode - the farther the better!

Post a picture on social media with the distance you rode and tag @thrivekidsfitness!

WEDNESDAY: Gymnastics

Everyone's favorite sport!

Today you will do your best to see how many consecutive cartwheels, or somersaults, each of you can get in 1 minute!

Record each person's total and then see who had the highest number!

Post a picture on social media of your cartwheels and who had the highest score and tag @thrivekidsfitness!

THURSDAY: Swimming

Everyone's favorite sport! Oh wait, did I already say that? Whoops!

The challenge for today is to create a synchronized swimming routine -feel free to do it in the sprinkler if you are unable to get to a pool!

Record a short video of the routine and then post it on social media and tag @thrivekidsfitness!

FRIDAY: Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball/Softball

There are an endless amount of ball sports in the Olympics that you can practice at home!

Today's challenge is to choose a ball (baseball, basketball, etc.) and see how many times you can throw it to a partner without dropping it.

The catch: each time you throw it you have to take a step away from each other!

Record how many times you are able to throw the ball without dropping it and then post it on social media and tag @thrivekidsfitness!

The Olympics is a wonderful time to showcase extraordinary skills and incredible hard work and we know you are going to do a great job this week as well!

Let's go for the GOLD!

Keep moving,

Coach Hannah

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