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Find Your Courage!

Courage is a life skill we want all our children to have. These 5 daily prompts are intended to help you discuss courage with your child and the different ways they can grow in this area. Take some time to look over these prompts and incorporate them into your daily discussions!

Day 1

In a world where people too often follow the advice and opinions of others even when they don’t align with their core values, we want to raise kids to have courage to stand up for what is right even when that means everyone else thinks they are wrong.

Courage is a person’s ability to do what is right even when others disagree.

Even when they may lose friends.

Even when it is hard.

Courage is holding your values more tightly than the opinions of others.

We want to raise kids who know the benefit of true courage and are willing to exercise it even when others don’t.


The more we teach our kids to do hard things the more willing they will be to do hard things.

And the more willing they are to do hard things, the more hard things they will do.

And the more hard things they do, the better they will be able to live as the healthiest version of themselves.

Ask your kiddos today about some of the hard things they have done lately and what lessons they have learned from doing these hard things. Help them to see the benefit of doing those things and then discuss how it will set them up to be successful the next time something hard comes along.

We can help prepare our kids for the future. Let’s start now!

We have a whole list of movement activities for the month of August at the link on our website or by going to

Day 3

Standing up for what we believe, especially when others don’t, is a token of courage. It is an example of doing something even when afraid. But it isn’t always easy!

 In fact, for most kids it feels downright impossible. And that is ok, things that are worthwhile rarely come easy and take intentional teaching time to come to fruition. However, it is essential that we teach our kids the power of knowing what they believe and what is important to them and not letting other things or people shake that belief. As we help our kids to recognize the things which are important to them and how those things may differ from what other people may think then we can help to give them the appropriate words to say when they don’t agree. We don’t have teach our kids to be constantly confrontational (in fact I highly recommend against that!) but we can teach them to hear the thoughts and ideas of other people and not waver in what is important to them.

Let’s teach our kids to be courageous and do the things that scare them so they can become confident in who they are and what they can do!

Day 4

Sometimes our kids are acting courageously and they don’t even know it. One way to help our kids recognize the courage they already have is to go over some of the situations where they have acted in courage or the times when they were afraid but they did it anyways. As the kids are giving their examples, don’t forget to give your own and help them to see that even adults need courage on a daily basis!

Day 5

“I can do hard things”. It is one of those phrases on repeat at our house. We use it whenever someone is whining about not being able to tie their shoe or throwing a fit because its cleaning time and their room is a disaster. We use it to help our kids to train their minds to see something hard and instead of immediately turning to “I can’t” to turn to “I can”. Incorporate this into your daily phrases at home and help your kids to find the strength that is already within them. Don’t forget to also recognize and celebrate your child when they actually do the hard thing and help them to see that “You did it!”! 

Let's be courageous and let's grow!

-Coach Hannah

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