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Do the Hard Things

Want your kids to not shy away from hard things?

Yeah, me, too ;)

While helping our kids do hard things sounds dreamy, it's not actually that easy. However, I am a firm believer that the more we help our kids realize they CAN do hard things, the more confident and successful they will be in overcoming the many challenges they will face.

What I've learned over the years of working with kids is that if we are willing to put in the work the benefits will come, eventually :)


Here are a few simple (key word: simple) things I've tried to help guide kids to do hard things and do them well:

1. Recognize when they've done something hard and "name it". Show them that you see them working on something and acknowledge the work they are putting in. It can be something small like tying their shoe for the first time or something bigger like weeding the whole garden (wouldn't that be dreamy!). I bet if you start looking, you will see multiple times that your kids are doing something hard. Help them to see it, too!

2. When you know something is going to be challenging for them, help them to come up with a game plan. While things don't always go according to our game plan, #life, it is often less stressful when we actually have a plan. So, if its time to weed the garden (can you tell I really need to get that done!) come up with what they will do when they want to quit. Because, we all know they probably will want to quit ;) But, if a game plan is in place then you can work to help them use that plan instead of resorting to giving up. This will build resiliency and also confidence to do hard things.

3. Be patient. This is not overnight work. This is long term, day-in-day-out work. We live in a world of convenience so helping our kids to understand that doing hard things is a GOOD thing, can be challenging. Or even downright impossible. But just like everything else we do that is hard and challenging, its worth it in the end. So, don't worry if they don't get it today. Or tomorrow. Or this year. Keep working and helping them to see that they CAN do hard things and watch their confidence grow.


Let's help kid grow strong, healthy, and confident!

-Coach Hannah

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