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3, 6, 9, RUN!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Grab your running shoes for this one!

This workout is great to do outdoors or indoors as done in the video and just requires a little space to run! The other movements are bodyweight movements, burpee, air squat, and donkey kicks where you will try to get your legs up as high as possible!

Before beginning the workout make sure to do the following things:

  1. Do a WARM-UP. Use the warm-up we programmed or anything that will get your body loose and heart pumping!

  1. Make a GOAL for what you will work on during the workout. Will you strive to keep moving the whole time? Will you try to do all your air squats each time without stopping? Will you try to get 10 rounds done? Doesn’t matter what the goal is but be intentional have something to work towards!

  1. Make a PLAN for what you will do when things get hard and your body gets tired. What will you do and say that will help you to continue moving so you can reach your goal?  It will get hard but having a plan in advance keeps us on track to show up as our best!

Work hard and always remember, you are strong, you are important, you can do hard things!



High knees –slow

High knees –fast

High knees - slow

Run 1 min –slow

Run 30 seconds –med

Run 15  seconds –fast


3,6,9 Run!

6 minutes AMRAP

3 burpees

6 air squats

9 donkey kicks

Sprint (~50m)


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